RIMA-Lock for the

TomTom Urban Rider

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KTM 690 Enduro - TomTom Mount  -> click pics

TOMTOM Urban Rider WNRO FIX Problem started April 6th 2019  Fix only works for the old TOMTOM Urban Rider 4GC01 Serial Number start with K3... and the newer K4...    klick here

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RIMA Innovations GbR


Description of the "RIMA-Lock"                                  (Updated 1/2017)
and instruction for useage and installation
(for the TOMTOM Urban Rider... fits also the new 2013 version)

YouTube video with a German comment describing the functionality

and a solution against the turning RAM Mount RAM-B-342U

and a fix if the connector of the Tomtom Active Charging mount has a loose connection (Wackelkontakt)

From the left you see the lock

When riding you see the pen sticking out from behind the Rider and the security cord

When you look from the right you see the pen and the pen-holder

I really like my TOMTOM Urban Rider,
mostly for the curvy road routing option.

I have mounted it to (using the supplied ram mount parts and a ball/screw part) to the left mirror  screwhole of my FJR1300.

I wanted to have a simple way to lock the navigation device to the bike. And it should look unobtrusive... not like the monster shark cages that exist in the market.
So I invented the RIMA-Lock. It basically blocks the release button with a metal bar from below. And I thought that maybe somebody else might want it too. I found a couple of different solutions in the internet that inspired me.

The lock is intended to frighten off the casual thief, so you can leave your bike to have an ice-cream or go to the gas station´s potty without having to worry that someone snatches your TOMTOM.

The small visible lock on the one hand is a lock but also shows clearly that your TOMTOM is locked and thereby discourages the casual thief. Therefore the lock should be visible when looking at the TOMTOM from the side.
Do not hide the lock. Technically the base plate is symmetrical so the locking latch can be mounted to ether side.

The picture shows that the latch has to be mounted between the baseplate and the TOMTOM mount.
To remove the latch you need small flat nose pliers in order to hold the small self fastening nutand a Torx T10 to wind the screw.
The device comes preassembled for left side use. The latch has to be removed when a right side use is needed. Or if you dont want to use the pen / penholder.

The other security issue that the RIMA-Lock set adresses is the RAM-Mount System´s regular is of course the thumb srew. Everbody can loosen this in seconds and take of the TOMTOM or charging connector. This is prevented in my solution with a well fitting Inbus screw and a selflocking nut. If you want to unmount this screw you need a small flat screwdriver to keep the nut from turning and a 5 mm Allen Key.  This definetely prevents the quick unmounting of the device / RAM mount arm. At your first tour take the Screwdriver and Allen Key with you so aou can adjust the tightness of this screw.

Teh pen with the pen-holder and securityrubberband is used to be able to operate the TOMTOM without being forced to take of your motorbike gloves. Of course only when stopped.

Because of the realtively unsenitive touchsreen of the Urban RIder the key in of Street Names can be quite difficult and frustrating with your gloves on.

With the pen this is really precise an easy.

The RIMA-Lock is mounted between the plastic mount (active or passive)and the square metal plate  of the RAM Mount system .

The four philips screws have to be taken off. Take of RAM Mount plate. Then mount he RIMA-Lock base plate with the elongated holes in between and put the philips screws in again. Before tigtening the srews put in your TOMTOM Rider in the holder. Then slide the baseplate and locking latch up against the bottom of the unlocking buttan/bar. Then tighten the four screws.


(I say tighten... not brutally rip out the brass nuts that are in the plastic... so I say not toooo tight)

A word of advise :  the threads that are inside the active docking mount are brittle...
when you look closely at the fit of the metal inserts into the plastic you see a fine gap

use crazy glue to put in the gap... that improves the rigidity significantly...

do not use locktite to fix screw that go in there... you will pull out the thread insert
when you try to loosen the srews...


Content of the set:

RIMA-Lock (baseplate, latch 1,5 mm stainless steel V2A with Torx screw and lock)
incl. : Penholder and pen (on the Picture it is gray with red band and green pen)
The standard pen color is TOMTOM red
Inbus/Hex/Allen srew with locking nut (V2A) as replacement of the original RAM-Mount thumbscrew (also look at the video even if it is in German)

all together for 35 EUR (postage included)

Orders via e-mail:  rima-lock@jpf.de  (do not forget your adress)

(BTW: the e-mail forwarding was turned off for a while... so if you wondered why I did not answer... try it again... it will work  now)

You will get an e-mail answer with the confirmation of your order and the information about how to pay(paypal or money transfer etc. ).

Or you can order with this paypal Button...
there comes a dialog that ask you for your delivery adresse etc.

I do not know all the online order rules in Europe
but if you do no like what you get you can return it in the first 60 days and I refund you 30 EUR.
I will keep 5 EUR for the handling and stuff. I think that is fair. If in doubt just do not order it.
In Germany the legal rules apply: Widerrufsrecht and I assume something similar exists in other countries in Europe. 


Latch, Baseplate Screw  etc. are from stainless steel and therefore quite corrosion resistent.
The penkolder is from brass and steel... that might rust eventually...
The lock is a simple chinese lock that is pretreated with WD40 and should get a little spray once in a while
to prevent rust and help smooth operation.

Here are some sreen shots from my CAD System:  I-DEAS from Siemens PLM Software
The company where I work...

Here the lock is engaged:

here the RIMA-lock is open: